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Welcome to Amusement-Park-Deals.com. Stop searching aimlessly for the best deals, you have found them. We offer discount tickets for all age groups who want to visit Adventureland. 2 for 1 deals handed out every day with no limit on how many you can print out. Look below to read up on the parks history, or click our easy links to claim the discount pass with your name on it. Regardless of what you do, if you are planning on going to Adventureland this year, don’t miss out on the fun.

Adventureland Amusement Park

Hurricane Coaster
John Silver's Twister
Frisbee The Ghost House
Wave Swing Pirate Ship Antique Cars Free Whale
Ferris Wheel Balloon Tower Merry-Go-Round Train (new train station for 2012)
Lady Bug Coaster Wave Swing Adventure Falls Crocodile Run

2012 Admission Prices
Reduced prices
Online codes off of listed prices below
P.O.P. Bracelet, all day pass
Single ticket (3-5 tickets per ride)
Group pass (20 to 49 People)
$19.50 per person
Group pass (50 or more people)
$17.00 per person

A cheap source of entertainment was needed as Long Island became more populated, and accumulated more housing developments. Many small theme parks were appearing all throughout Long Island, but two people (Alvin Cohen & Herb Budin) decided that it was time for a large park with inexpensive prices. They acquired a 6 acre plot of land right on Route 110 in Farmingdale, NY. The duo constructed a building that housed an arcade and restaurant so the amusement park could be open all year round. As soon as the building was up, they started building the first set of rides, the mini golf course, and handed out discount passes to get the word around about the "bigger and better theme park".

With such a huge success in the park, Cohen decided to import more European type rides. The Enterprise and Troika were imported in 1976, and brought to America by a man named Willy Miller. Cohen saw that Miller was interested in investing to his cause, so he asked him if he would be interested in buying the park for a great deal. Over the next two years of talking, Miller finally purchased the park on September 15th 1977.

10/10. There is more than enough to do here; I dare you to take it all in, in a single day. I promise the park is so big and full of so many fun things that you'll have to go twice or maybe three times to see everything. I recommend getting a coupon, that way you’re not spending full price every time. I’m a huge gamer, so the arcade was my favorite thing about this place. But like I said, there is more than enough of everything else. Thank you for the discount ticket; I'll be a customer for life.
-Max Powers-