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2012 Admission Prices
Adult single day ticket
Child single day ticket (ages 3-11)
Child single day ticket (Ages 2 and under)
Adult season pass
$89.95 (BEST DEALS)
Child season pass
$89.95 (BEST DEALS)
Online codes available for all above prices
Discount tickets to mail box, or e-mail

Opened in 1956, Enchanted Forest is a theme park built by a man named, Richard Cohen, who was a hardware store owner and a major role in the Adirondack Authority (a company that developed ski centers on a few mountains in the area). When first opened the theme park had 35 employees, and covered 35 acres of swampland. Gate prices were a cheap $1 for an adult, and a super inexpensive $0.25 cents for children, even 50 years ago those were great deals on amusement park prices. Now the park has expanded almost double putting it at 60 acres.

The parks design incorporated a large circus tent, and a whole block of houses with themes all the way from fairy tales to nursery rhymes. This came from Cohen's female family members. The concept paintings for the theme park were done by a man named Russell Patterson, who also worked on the designs of the several individual fairy tale houses in the park. Discount tickets were given to him and his family as a kind gesture.

This park is wonderful for my children; everything is dedicated to them specifically. The park is a nonsmoking and alcohol friendly, and everything is about growth and development. As a single parent of 2, there is no other place I would take my kids for family fun. Thank you for the discount passes for my family, they were used quite well.
-Sarah Jorgenson & Family-